Pastors & Staff

Meet our great team of staff including our Pastors and intern staffs!

pastor David Ree

EM Pastor/ Agape / the bridge college

Greetings in the Lord! I pray you are experiencing abundant health and joy in Christ!

It is a privilege to introduce myself, and it my sincere desire to build wonderful friendships in


I was born into a healthy Christian family and served faithfully in the church during my

adolescent years. After my second year at UCLA, I withdrew to pursue an acting career, waiting

on tables at a sushi restaurant to make ends meet. However, three years of struggling as a

thespian was enough and I returned to UCLA to receive a BA in political science. After college I

began a five-year career as a portrait and commercial photographer in Los Angeles before

receiving my call into ministry during a mission trip to Siberia in 2006. I earned a Master of

Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary in 2010, and served as a youth and young adult’s

pastor at Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington from 2007 to 2010. In 2011, I

planted an English speaking ministry at Changchun Methodist Church in Seoul, Korea, and

served this ministry as lead pastor for seven years. It was during my time in Korea that I

married my lovely wife, Jasper Kim, and was blessed with twin girls, Favor and Ella.

Last October we sensed the Lord calling us back to America, and on July 1, 2019, I was

appointed by the Atlanta-Roswell District Superintendent to serve as lead pastor for the English

speaking congregation at Korean Church of Atlanta UMC. We feel tremendously blessed to be

connected to such a wonderful community here at KCA, and I extend a warm welcome to join us

as we look forward to many fruitful years of life and service together!

May the Lord cause all of His goodness to flow in and through us to His glory and praise!

Joyce Choi

College ministry director

My name is Joyce Choi, and I’m the college intern for our Bridge Ministry here at KCA. 

I’m a 2nd year graduate student at UGA Law, and I desire God will use even someone like me to help His people and glorify His name. I’m blessed to know I am worthy because He has called me worthy. 

My vision for not just Bridge, but all of our ministries at EM, is that we relentlessly seek God and find Him. And that we will do that together. 

I pray we become one loving and fruitful body of Christ, unified in His precious name. That we will cultivate, encourage, rebuke with love and wisdom, and bless one another, all for His kingdom and all because we just love God so, so much. 

I have full faith and obedience to His authority that there is so much in store for us and that there is so much to come, and I pray we have the strength to work tirelessly, with Jesus at the center of it all.


Let there be revival! 

elder yoon yong lim

committee chair (em)

Elder Lim serves the English Ministry as our committee chair.


Agape Finance Chair / Treasurer