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Each month KCA ROOTS partners with a Ministry called Matthew Initiative to help aid children's ministries in our community to help bring Jesus to the younger generations. We participate and help lead Sunday School to make the love and grace of Jesus known in our community. If you would like to join, please contact Pastor Ellison for more information.

www. kcanextms@gmail.com

2018 KCA School Supply Drive

The Backpack/School Supply Drive is something we have done in our Agape Ministry since 2007. We originally started it as a hygiene pack drive for homeless children but in recent years, we have tweaked it in order to better meet the needs of low income students in the schools surrounding our church. A few years ago, we turned our focus strictly to school supplies. We will be collecting donations to help support Chesney Elementary, Duluth Middle School, Duluth High School, and Rainbow Village. This will be the first year we partner with Rainbow Village. Rainbow Village is located right here in Duluth, and it provides transitional homes for parents and children to remain together while they try to get back on their feet. 

Reverently asked this challenging question during a sermon: "Would it matter if our church disappeared?" 

We would like to think that the city of Duluth would notice, not just because a large building at the corner of Pleasant Hill and Summit Ridge vanished, but more importantly, because we want to have made an IMPACT on our local community. 

So this year, we are once again inviting everyone to participate so that numerous families in the city of Duluth can point to KCA on Pleasant Hill and Summit Ridge and say: "This is a church that is making a positive impact in our community." 

All donations are needed by Sunday, July 22. We will come together on Sunday, July 29 to sort the items and get the boxes packed in order to deliver the items to each location before school begins. 

For more information about donating or any questions, please contact Christylee3@gmail.com.